Composition Theory Discussion Assigment

    Author: Lex Runcimam Essay Title: “Fun?” MLA Citation: Runciman, Lex. “Fun?” College English 53.2 (1991): 156-62. Web. Author: Kenneth Goldsmith Essay Title: “It’s Not Plagiarism. In the Digital Age, It’s ‘Repurposing.” MLA Citation: Goldsmith, Kenneth. “It’s Not Plagiarism. In the Digital Age, It’s ‘Repurposing.” The Chronicle Review. 2011. Web. Quick Background & Context: Is writing fun? Should we expect it to be? Runciman contemplates the odd pressures of the classroom in his article “Fun?” He uses the example of the bright student who turns in the jumbled paper; of whether or not the act of enjoying writing is a necessary…

Writing Prompt: An Exercise in the Visual

This is an exercise in spontaneity and purposeful lack of guidance. Also, consider throughout this exercise, the idea of your writing being inspired by a completely different genre/form of art.